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Words from My Clients

Kate is fabulous to work with! After our 20 years of living in the house, the garage was jammed packed with stuff, and the yard was spotted with various junk. I had managed to carve out a couple of useful and accessible spaces in the garage, but I was paralyzed with indecision with the rest. I knew I didn't need or want all of it, but....UGH. I couldn't manage the constant and seemingly unending decisions, including what to do specifically with the discarded items. Kate is a master at tackling this kind of overwhelming job, and she does so with excitement and enthusiasm. She doesn't make my decisions for me, but she creates manageable clusters of decisions that feel easy and productive. She knows all the organizations and details for "rehoming" the usable discarded items, so I feel really positive about my stuff (particularly those things that hold some amount of sentimental value) going out to find its next life. Then she's really knowledgeable about the recycling streams for those items not destined for reuse. I am really grateful for Kate's skills and her gentle persistence.


Kate is amazing. It's not just that she can clean like no other but her sense of space and ability to organize is unmatched. She also knows all the details of what can be recycled and where. She is brilliant at re-purposing. If you have a space, like I did, filled with stuff you don't need or don't know what to do with she can turn it back into clean and useful space. She's magic that way.


Kate helped me declutter and then clean out my Mom’s home. We worked together and she worked independently. She is respectful of the client’s feelings and goals. She recognizes that clearing out is an emotional and spiritual ptocess and supports the client through that with sensitivity and grace. She is also wonderfully practical! She knows how to repurpose a wide range of materials, so not everything ends up in the landfill but rather much can go on to a new, useful life - which feels great! I can’t recommend her highly enough. She made it possible and I could not have done it without her!


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